Bring Your Sage 100 Data to the Cloud with SugarCRM Integrated

It used to be that a single technological breakthrough could change everything. Today, it’s not just one breakthrough. It’s a constant wave of innovation that relentlessly disrupts how people, businesses and governments interact and create value. As a Sage 100 user, how can companies like yours keep up? It starts by granting visibility to data that was previously siloed in your ERP platform and synchronizing that data to your CRM and a secure cloud.

The Sage 100 Integration for SugarCRM

By connecting your Sage 100 platform to SugarCRM you are allowing the two platforms to communicate with one another. With Sugar connected to Sage 100, not only will you have cloud access to your data from almost any internet device, but you’ll be synchronizing all customers, inventory items, sales history, open invoices, quotes and more to your CRM. Software that stands alone can result in silos, redundant data entry, duplication of effort, unintended errors, and unhappy people. Wow that sounds bad! When you integrate software, you’re bringing software and people together.

Key Functionality

The Sugar Sage 100 integration has all integrated customer information conveniently located as sub-modules right within the Sugar Accounts Module. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for! All integrated information is available in all aspects of Sugar including list views, edit views, detail views, reports, and dashboards.

Drill-down into more detailed information as needed, just like with any other Sugar view. Product information is easily available for quick lookup of part numbers, quantity on hand, and pricing. Product Sales History by Customer is also available to give salespeople critical data at their fingertips.

Key Benefits

Sync customers between Sugar and Sage 100

Syn inventory items (products) between Sugar and Sage 100

Sync Sage 100 customer sales history into Sugar

Synch Sage 100 customer item sales history into Sugar

Synch Sage 100 open invoices into Sugar

Sync quotes and orders entered in Sugar into Sage 100